Name: Hans Dirk Rübcke- Curriculum Vitae

World market for Laser material processing systems, Laser technology for higher profit, evaluation of cost efficiency, investing in the optimal lasersystem
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World market for Laser systems, investing in the optimal lasersystems, evaluation of cost efficiency, Laser technology for higher profit

Mission Statement:
Our thoughts and behavior are well-tuned to a client’s needs and requirements in the planning and purchasing of systems. Our services are focused on keeping downtime and costs as low as possible for our clients.

„Secrets” for success do not really exist, but there are fundamental requirements: Listening and learning, respect for other people, discipline and tenacity. I have often experienced that “Nobody is perfect – but a team can be”. This holds true in professional life as well as for a soccer team like Bayern München. And then there´s the “little bit of luck”, which is not foreseeable, but there is a saying in England, “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”; and that´s why the successful Bayern München soccer team practices everyday.

Hans Dirk

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