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Machine ID: M3

Type: Medical Excimer Laser MAX-20
Production Date: new
Laser Power [W]: 300
Work space X Y Z [mm]: Beam cross section 12 x 13 mm²
High pressure: no
CNC control unit: 250 mJ / 40 Hz
Pallet changer: Wavelength 308 nm


Excimer lasers are triggered by a fast electrical discharge in a mixture of rare gases and halogens. The electrical discharge raises the energy level of the rare gas atoms, so that they react with the halogen molecules to form compounds, such as ArF, KrF, or XeCl. These special molecules, known as excimers (excited dimers), exist only for a short time in the high energy state. As they return to the ground energy level, they dissociate and fluoresce strongly in the ultraviolet spectral region. When gas is contained between parallel mirrors forming an optical cavity, the well-known laser effect is produced, and a pulse of ultraviolet energy is released. The MAX-20 emits 120 ns long pulses with energies of up to 300mJ per pulse. The wavelength of 308nm is determined by the laser active mixture of the rare gas xenon and the halogen gas chlorine.

Basic Features

All versions of the MAX-20 share its functional and elegant design, with its compact dimensions of only 111 cm x 65 cm x 110 cm (L x W x H). The MAX-20 is completely computer controlled. This enables the system to precisely adjust the coupling of the laser energy to each individual catheter. The energy at the distal end of the catheter is calibrated with the help of the integrated energy monitor. For a reproducible measurement, the distal end of the catheter is held by a removable and sterilizable adapter. Different adapters are used for angioplasty catheters and orthopaedic hand pieces. In the case of the FiberScan catheters with up to twelve segments, the laser energy out of each segment is adjusted to with ±5%. Software assistance makes the system extremely easy to use. This means that the MAX-20 recognizes the type of catheter in use and gives a suggestion for the operation power and the pulse repetition rate. The user can change this value with the help of the small keyboard, which can be packed sterile and placed on the operation table. The LCD screen provides all necessary information on laser power, output power at the distal end of the catheter or hand piece, and the pulse repetition rate. A record containing all lasers parameters during the operation is available after each session. The integrated gas supply system guarantees the maximum period of undisturbed operation, and such gas changes as are necessary are performed by the system under computer control at the user\'s request. The gas reservoir, completely sealed to the environment, is sufficient for more than one year of busy use. There is no need for additional gas handling procedures.

Three Different Versions.

The MAX-20 is available in three different versions. The basic version with 250 mJ pulse energy and a repetition rate of 40 Hz is the right solution for angioplasty, especially in the periphery. For coronary angioplasty, Euro Dynamics has introduced a sophisticated solution to the problem of laser-induced shock wave formation within the blood vessel: SELCA, standing for Smooth Excimer Laser Coronary Angioplasty. To reduce the total laser energy applied, while keeping the local intensity (mJ/mm²) well above the ablation threshold, the FiberScan multi-fiber catheters are split into up to twelve segments, and the Fiber Scanner 308 provides the laser energy sequentially. In order to achieve the same ablation rate as with the conventional excimer laser systems, the repetition rate of the MAX-20 FS has been especially increased to 150Hz for use with the FiberScanner 308, and delivers a pulse energy of 100mJ.

The most powerful version, the MAX-20 ORTHO, is used in orthopaedic surgery. It is capable of 300 mJ/pulse with a repetition rate of 60 Hz.
Operating Gas XeCL*
Wavelength 308 nm
Pulse width 120 ns
Max. energy / repetition rateMAX-20
250 mJ / 40 Hz
100 mJ / 150 Hz
300 mJ / 60 Hz

Beam cross section 12 x 13 mm²
Divergence 2 x 4 mrad²
Water cooling Not Necessary
Power Requirements (No UPS requirement)
220 V / 16 A / 50 Hz
110 V / 32 A / 60 Hz
Dimensions 111 cm x 65 cm x 110 cm
Weight 300 Kg
Safety German MedGV approved

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