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Diverse 1

ID Masina: r5

Tip: rofin MLBATM Glass Cutter
An fabricatie: 2005 Wh less then 1000h
Putere laser [W]: 0
Spatiu de lucru X Y Z [mm]: 500x500
Inalta presiune: da
Comanda numerica:
Schimbator palete: xy 500x500 small < 400 h 500x500mm


Typ: Rofin XY-Granit table
Herstellungsjahr: 2005 - Running hours < 700
Laserleistung [W]:
Arbeitsbereich X Y Z [mm]: 500x500

Lasermaschine Details:
XY-Table Granite 500x500
· Travel: 500x500mm²
· Mech. Axis Speed: 40 m/min
· Full body cut: 10mImin
· Mechanically accuracy: ± 0,05 mm/m
· Fully CNC controlled x-y-z axis
· Granite rack for high precision
A complete laser optics can be moved in x-, y-axis. The focal lens is moved up and down by the z-axis.
The additional CNC controlled x- and y-axes allow to move the laser head.
Granite as the basis for the machine structure, which has excellent thermal expansion and
vibration damping characteristics.
Another key element is the superb cutting laser, this design was dedicated to optimal
cutting of glass.
2 Motion control and Operation
Color TFT Display, touch screen
Contour and operating parameters
Ergonomic design
3 Hardware
3 axis CNC control
3 motor driver for linear- resp. rotation motors
M-functions ( 8 out, 16 in)
Keyboard with Touchpad
Optional: CAD user interface - CAGILA
4 Interfaces
USB to connect to memory stick
4Software and programming
Working and programming is possible in the following way:
Manual travel (Jog via keyboard)
Single command input via keyboard
Direct programming via integrated editor
Furthermore the control software has the following function:
Program text editor for simple change of CNC-programs
Circular interpolation
Linear interpolation
Subroutines programming
Manufacturer of control and motion system: Beckhoff /ISG

Training and Installation
· Prices for transport, packaging, installation and training.
To be defined

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